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Agent Zero, All Star Starter

In honor of Gilbert Arenas being named a starter for the Eastern Conference in the upcoming NBA All-Star Game, I give you plenty of Gilbert Goodness!  Here are all of his Wizards game-winning shots.  And there are PLENTY!  Agent Zero never disappoints!

Easterns Motors – Where Your Job Is Your Credit!

This is quite possibly the catchiest commerical in recent memory.  From bad lip-syncing (LaVar Arrington) to bad car-dancing (Clinton Portis) to bad-snitching (Carmelo Anthony–don’t worry if you don’t get the joke), it’s got it all.

You will have this stuck in your head for at least seven weeks.  Thank me later.

Alexander Ovechkin is the Man (Behind Agent Zero)

One year and one day ago, Alexander Ovechkin scored perhaps the most outstanding hockey goal of all time.  That leads to a discussion:  Who is DC’s “MAN” right now, Gilbert Arenas or Alexander Ovechkin? 

Hard to argue against either one, but I think Agent Zero takes the crown for now…

Take a look at the awesomeness that is Ovechkin: 

Agent Zero.

There is nobody in the NBA more intriguing than Gilbert Arenas.  And he went OFF yesterday.  He scored 51 points, setting a new Verizon Center record, against the Utah Jazz, one of the top teams in the league.  Oh, and he hit the game winning 3-point shot at the buzzer.

Read Dan Steinberg’s AWESOME Washington Post blog.  Give him lots of love: