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Valentines Day

So we’re all on the same page, read this history on Valentines Day.

I’ve got mixed feelings on this day, as I’m sure most of you do, as well.  In some ways, it’s a social division created by mass-marketing.

As a case study in the power of marketing, it’s absolutely fascinating.

But we’re all hear to mock the day, not analyze it, right?

Here is an absolutely brilliant how-not-to-do video:

Check out more of Lisa Nova’s brilliance at

So now you are thinking, “What they hell should I give my girl for this wretched holiday?”

Well, my fellow bretheren, I have only one meaningful, realistic suggestion that is a gift so unique, only you can give it:

And, when all else fails…turn to Blog Hero Rick Astley:

Enjoy the day…remember: it’s not as important as she thinks it is but it’s more important than you wish it was.