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More Hulk Hogan!

Wow…I had no idea my original Hulk Hogan post would be so popular!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some highlights from the Hulkster’s career!

– Defeating the Iron Sheik for his first WWF/WWE championship:

– A musical tribute to his Wrestlemania III match vs. Andre the Giant (the most famous match of all time, to that point–and maybe still to this day!):

– Classic Wrestlemania V promo before his match with Macho Man Randy Savage:

– Hogan/Ultimate Warrior vs. Mr. Perfect/The Genius on a Saturday Night’s Main Event:

– And following that set-up, here are clips of the Wrestlemania VI main event, between Hogan and the Warrior:

The Undertaker defeated Hogan at Survivor Series to win the championship.  That couldn’t stand, so a few days later, Hogan reclaimed his belt at This Tuesday in Texas:

That’s all for now…we’ll pick up where we left off sometime soon…keep checking back!

From Death Valley…The Undertaker!

On the heels of the popular Hulk Hogan and Macho Man entries, there has been demand for more wrestler profiles. So, who better to take a look at than the Deadman, himself!

Here is the end of his debut match at Survivor Series:

What about one of the weirdest nights ever, when the Undertaker “died” and rose to the ceiling?

Classic graveyard promo from 1996:

Damn…a look at the devastating Tombstone Piledriver!

His badass return at Wrestlemania XX:

And, finally, if you still don’t get it, here’s 75 seconds of awesomeness:

THAT, is The Undertaker! Enjoy! (I’ll take suggestions on future profiles, too)