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Our Home Becomes A House

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As I write these words, I’m sitting on the carpeted floor of my living room – the furniture removed – surrounded by filled boxes and empty walls.

We lived here. And our life was here.

That life is going to continue, but just in a different city.

We can talk more about that adventure later. But tonight all I can think about is what happened between these walls.

Our home has returned to being a house. Just as it was when we moved in over seven years ago – totally empty, but filled with the hope and promise of the future.

Back then, we had no kids; our first was on the way and would be born five days after we arrived here.

We took possession of a house and made it our home.

I’m sitting here looking around and smiling at the memories popping from every corner. I remember…

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Terrible News…

One of the all-time great professional wrestlers was found dead today, along with his wife and on, outside of Atlanta.

I had the pleasure of meeting him as a kid and I enjoyed following his career.

Total, absolute shock…

Blog Summer Concert Series #8

And we’re back from a short vacation with more music!

– John Mayer “Why Georgia”

– Stone Sour “Through Glass”

– Papa Roach “Forever”

– Green Day “Working Class Hero” (John Lennon Cover)

– Jack Johnson and Ben Harper “Flake”

– Pussycat Dolls “Buttons”

– Sting and Cheb Mami “Desert Rose”

On vacation

Please forgive the lack of new posts for a few days.  I am on vacation, catching some spring training action!

Full American Idol recaps, professional wrestler bios, strange stories, 1980’s nostalgia, and the rest of the insanity will return on Tuesday, March 13!

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Hits

Yesterday, the former heavyweight champion of the world turned 65.  Muhammad Ali…love him, hate him…you had to respect him.  I had the pleasure and honor of meeting him inside a boxing ring.  Incredible.  Absolutely incredible.

Check out these photos:

And for a real treat, here are some of his greatest lines: