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Andy Sings! (The Office)

Anyone who’s ever had a job knows that “The Office” may be the funniest show in history. Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms, may be one of the most hilarious characters we’ve seen in TV since…well…EVER! I hope he returns to the show one day. In a short time, he gave us some quality entertainment, especially when music entered the equation.

Tonight, I give you some of Andy’s greatest singing moments on the show:

And finally…

From “The Office” – Original Prankster

Remind me to tell you the “Carnation Instant Bitch” story someday.  CLASSIC office prank.  For now, enjoy some Saturday morning “Office,” featuring Jim’s best pranks on Dwight.  The lesson?  Too many pranks lessens the hilarity of each one.  So, my friend, prank carefully and prank wisely, lest they all go to waste!