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Vince MaMahon, BALD

Some of the great baldies in history:


And finally, our newest Baldy, Vince MaMahon!

American Idol – Top 11 – RESULTS

I was on a business trip on Wednesday night, so I apologize for being late with this.  Forgive me this transgression, k?  I know the result, but it’s life all about the journey?

– As Seacrest welcomes us, you can see who’s nervous and who isn’t.

– We get a recap of last night.  Seriously, the results show can be 30 seconds long.

– Peter Noone performs.

– The Idols’ Sponsored Vehicle Song is a butchering of “Another Saturday Night.”

– Brad Garrett is sitting in with the contestants.  America voted…and he’s gone.  I like ‘Til Death, though.


Phil, Melinda, Blake stand together.  ALL are safe!  Wow…I thought Phil was going home.

Chris Griffin, LaKisha and Jordin stand together.  ALL are safe!  Whew!

Queen Sanjaya, Hot Haley and Gina the Good Witch all stand.  They are all safe.  More Queen Sanjaya?  Ugh…

Chris Timberlake and Stephanie are the bottom two?  What the hell?  These two are better than many other contestants still alive.

– Meaningless Trivia Segment.  Followed by the charitable fund segment.  I kind of like the show flexing some muscle to help the world.

– LuLu performs.

– Steph and Chris are centerstage for the results.  And Stephanie goes home.  She got a raw deal…so did Chris for being in the Bottom 2.

– Random Thought: Who was the other member of the Bottom 3?  Think they don’t want us to know?  It’s a conspiracy!!!!

Ahh well…it is what it is.  The fat is being trimmed until the Melinda-LaKisha-Jordin showdown at the end.

After that dud of a show, I need to smile.  Here’s Erica Durance stripping on Smallville!  That’ll do!

Thanks for reading!

The Approved List

So, I was watching Comedy Central today…as they counted down the Top 20 Stand-Up Comedians of all time. They pimped “The Sarah Silverman Program” at least every 7 minutes.

That got me to thinking about “The Approved List.” You know that list. The list of women who you tell your girlfriend or wife that, if you EVER get a chance with them, it’s allowed.

I’m going to give you the 5 women currently on my personal “Approved List.” Let me know who you have on yours!

My “Approved List” (In no particular order):

1. The Inspiration for this post, Sarah Silverman:

2. WWE Diva Maria Kanelis:

3. Star of the HOT movie “Unfaithful,” Diane Lane

4a. The two hottest Lois Lanes EVER (1) Smallville’s Erica Durance:

4b. And, from “Lois and Clark,” Teri Hatcher:

5. And…Jessica Rabbit.

So, I squeezed 6 on a 5-woman list. But Lois Lane counts as a single entry and…well…Jessica Rabbit is a cartoon. Don’t hate her…she’s just drawn that way!

Feel free to post your list. But PLEASE keep it family-friendly (my mom and dad read this, yknow!) .