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Music of Baseball

Baseball is back, and there are some distinct songs that get you (or at least me) thinking of the diamond. One per inning, of course!

– Pre-Game

– First Innning

– Second Inning

– Third Inning (OK, there are a ton of “Talkin’ Baseball” versions out there…this is my favorite)

– Fourth Inning

– Fifth Inning

– Sixth Inning

– Seventh Inning Stretch (Baltimore Tradition!)

– Eighth Inning

– Ninth Inning (Like there is any other way to end this??)

Enjoy the season!

American Idol – Hollywood Week, Part 2

A little late tonight, but dinner and pool with friends seemed like a good way to celebrate…Wednesday!  Happy Hump Day!

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

It’s Part 2 of the dreaded Hollywood Week!  After tonight, we’ll be down to our top 24.

– Seacrest calls this “the toughest Hollywood week ever.”  Ok.

– The single-chair judgement thing is kind of creepy.

– The scene: Pasadena Civic Auditorium.  No shows there tonight, but The Moody Blues are in tomorrow, in case you were wondering.

– Most everyone looks something like this:

– One contestant puts it succinctly: “If it’s a ‘no,’ it’s the end.”  Well, there ya go.

– All of them enter the elevator one at a time and face the judges.  With all this talk of elevators, I have this stuck in my head:

– No new performances tonight.

– Sanjaya, our version of Donnie (Marie was sent home, they both cried), is the first to face the judges.  I wasn’t really impressed with him.  He makes it through.

– Anna Kearns, the tall girl from Seattle (or, as See-moan said, “a giraffe”), is the first cut.  She admits to not singing the best.  Probably not the best way to help your cause.

– Bernard Williams is also sent home to Birmingham.  The room is shocked.

– Eric (who looks like Constantine, but with greasy hair) and Tammy get cut, too.

– They debut the voyeuristic elevator-cam for Melinda, the professional back-up singer.  See-moan ends her back-up singer days.  Good man.

– Brandon, also a back-up singer, who was very good in his audition, goes through.  TWO career back-up singers?  Interesting…

– OK, normall I don’t comment on the commercials.  But they had a promo for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon!  SWEET!

– Gina hated Perla.  Thus, I hate Gina.  She got cut last season.  I do think she’s got some talent.  But Perla was my girl Gina’s in…and she’s my villain of the season.

– Jimmy and Errick go home.  Errick pledges to not give up.

– Hayley is HOT.  And made it in.

– Phil kicked some tail in Hollywood week, but is a little rough around the edges.  He’s the guy who missed the birth of his daughter to try out.  Randy gives the newborn a shoutout.  And Phil is our 6th person in the final 24.

– Whoa.  Wait.  The Hollywood Week finalists (the 172, or something) got an advanced screening of the Simpsons movie!

– Of course, we get a teaser of it, too, and then 2 minutes on a visit to the Simpsons studio.  Cross-promotion at it’s worst/finest.

– Chris is my darkhorse, for sure.  See-moan teases a rejection, but sends him through.  WHEW!

– Time for the Seattle Champion Beatbox to face the music.  He was definitely the star of the group’s Bee Gee’s cover on last night’s show.  They put the Beatbox in the finals?  Again, interesting…

– Thomas gets sent home, and Rudy continues!  Their audition group went 3-4.  Not too shabby.   This was their song:

– OK, halfway through the show tonight and we have 6 guys and 3 dolls.  (That reference is for my parents–and will probably continue.  Don’t be offended.)

– Paul doesn’t wear shoes.  And has “lucky” underpants.  Those are two good reasons to send him home.  Strangely, he goes through.  Barefoot and smelly.  And Paula swears she’s never been drunk

– Jordin, our 17 year old favorite, is the fourth female.

– Olivia, Tatiana, Monique–you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

– Tommy is preoccupied by Antonella the Skank (people–her best friend admitetd the two of them can get any guy they want…that’s Skankilicious.).

– While Tommy thinks about baseball, AJ finds out he’s made the cut.

– Stephanie gets her judgement from See-moan: ‘You…haven’t….failed!”  Tricky, tricky.

– Next up is Leslie, who is pleasant, but unremarkable.  Naturally, she’s through to the Top 24.

– Nicholas, who quit last year, did not bow out this season.  Small steps, buddy.   Wait.  Giant leap, as he makes it!

– Alaina plans to cry, no matter what the judges say.  What’s up with the tears this season?  And, she’s starting to cry BEFORE the judges give her the verdict!   Crap, she’s through.  And crying.  I’ve got a theme song for her:

(Hold on…2 Timberlake videos posted on the same day?  He is entering rare air here…reserved normally for Rick Astley!)
– Chris #2, who Blog Friend Julia has a crush on, makes it to the show.

– See-moan on Sabrina: “We have decided…not…to…exclude you.”

– Jerome, Joelle, and Cowboy Matt…along with Princess all go home.

– Lakeisha makes it!  The judges all take turns boosting her self-esteem.

– Seven contestants remain as we enter the final segment.

– Nicole makes it through, and, by my count, we have 10 guys, 10 dolls, and 6 left in the lobby.

– Jared is Guy #11.

– Amy says the last day was “the funnest.”  Can I axe her for bad grammar?  She makes it, but I assign Blog Friend Andrea to her side to make sure she doesn’t sound like an idiot again.

– Two spots, two guys, two girls.  SUSPENSE.

– Skankilicious and Marisa go up together.  They hug in the elevator.  WHAT????????  They keep Skankilicious????  Two girl villains!

– Sundance and Mr. Antonella.  Mr. Antonella is too busy making faces at the camera to shake Sundance’s hand.  The dunce.   He then tries to get the elevator stuck.  I can’t stand Tommy.

– YESSSSSSS!  They get rid of Tommy and keep Sundance!!!

– Tommy flicks off the camera.  Classy.

Here’s my quick analysis of the Top 24:

The guys have  the talent this year and will deliver the best performances.  However, the girls have the soap opera storylines that will hook people.

I won’t make an early prediction until we see everyone perform next week, but watch out for Chris #1, Rudy, and Hayley.  Not a prediction, yet—just early observations.

Thanks for reading…tell a friend!