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American Idol – Top 6 – RESULTS

Two go home.  Four will remain.  Big night.

–  Seacrest promises no filler.  I laugh.

– We recap last night’s show.  Which is…FILLER!

– We all agree that Blake kicked ass and took names.

– Seacrest interviews random people.  Which is…FILLER!

– Seacrest interviews the contestants.  Which is…not filler.

– Reuben Studdard shills for Idol Gives Back.

– A recap of last week.  Which is…FILLER!

– Musical performance from Robin Thicke.

Here’s his BEST song EVER:

– He doesn’t sing that tonight.  But he does sing “Lost Without You,” which is a tight track.

– Fantasia shills for “Idol Gives Back.”

– Sponsored Crappy Video of the Week is “Paint It Black.”

Elimination One:

Melinda, Phil, LaKisha are center-stage.

– Melinda is safe!

– LaKisha is safe.

– Phil goes home.  Bummer…he was just starting to roll!

– Like I said last night, “Blaze of Glory” was a perfect song for him to sing this week.  And it’s kinda awesome to here him sing it again after elimination.

Elimination Two:

– Jordin is safe.

– It’s down to Blake and Chris–after the break.

– Bon Jovi performs a new song.  Eh.

– Taylor Hicks shills for “Idol Gives Back.”

– Chris and Blake admit they are best friends.   Blake shoots down the importance of the elimination by reminding us that they will BOTH be on the tour.  Love it.

– America voted…Chris goes home and Blake continues!

Next week, Boogie Sounds.  OOOOOOOOOOkay.

Thanks for reading!

American Idol – Top 6 – Performances (Bon Jovi)

Sorry for not having a recap for the results show last week.  My DVR failed me.

Also, the cop-out ending was kind of a bait-and-switch.  So, blah.

But tonight….tonight should be interesting!  It’s Bon Jovi night!

– We start with a career retrospective of Bon Jovi.

– Tony Bennett, Jennifer Lopez, Diana Ross…all great mentors.  But BON FLIPPIN’ JOVI???  That’s cool.

– Phil starts with “Blaze of Glory.”  Quick tip.  When you are a rock kinda guy and the setlist is, hello, Bon Jovi music, do one of the big guns!  He claims to have performed this song in front of his mirror.

Hmm…listen to the lyrics: “I’m going down in a blaze of glory.”  I change my mind on the song selection.  Makes sense for him.  He knows he’s probably on the chopping block.  Really, this is a great song for that.  And he sings it well.  Oh, the irony!  Randy recorded the song with Bon Jovi.  And called it his second best performance ever.  Paula loved it.  See-moan: “I thought it was OK.”

– Gina is in the crowd.  Again, the irony.

– Wait.  Jordin’s MOM grew up listening to Bon Jovi?  Damn, I feel old.

– Jordin gets the MONEY song, “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

– Jordin has 80’s hair, to go with the song.  Actually, she looks like Scary Spice tonight.  The first verse is rough for Jordin, but she gets it together by the middle.  The end was so good, I forgot how shaky the beginning was!  Randy acknowledged it was tough…especially the verses.  Paula said about the same.  See-moan wasn’t a fan.  Here’s what I don’t get:  Phil was GREAT and feels like he got no momentum.   Jordin had her worst night yet and they make excuses for her.  Don’t get it.

– LaKisha is in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

–  This is rich: LaKisha admits to seeing Bon Jovi on Oprah, but that she has never heard one of his songs.  Wow.  That statement is all sorts of messed-up.  She’s performing the not-well-known “This Ain’t A Love Song.”

-LaKisha does a nice job with the song.  She’s still falling down the depth chart, but this will definitely slow the descent.  Didn’t have the WOW factor, but it had a SWEET factor.  Probably the best you could have expected from her on Bon Jovi night.  Randy says she’s back.  Paula said she “gave everyone a little somethin-somethin.”  See-moan threatens to kiss her.  And then does.  I guess that’s a good thing?

– Beatbox Blake gets the OTHER money song, “You Give Love A Bad Name.”

– He promises a risk.  He colored his hair.  Wow…he completely re-imagined the song.  It’s funky.  And then rocks out for the chorus.  And beatboxes after that.  Wow…this is all over the place and I LOVE it.  It’s a vocal remix!  Blake definitely put himself out there with this song.  Randy loved the creativity, originality and the song overall.  Paula: “This was your night.”  See-moan’s mom is in the crowd tonight.  See-moan claimed half will love it and half will hate it and he personally liked it.  Works for me.  The risk paid-off for the Beatbox!

– Chris Richardson is in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

– He’s trying “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

– On the surface, should be a good song choice.  Oh man…he forgot the words in front of Bon Jovi.  As Richardson said, Daughtry also did this on the show.  Couldn’t find that clip, but here is another one:

– Shaky, karaoke performance.   Especially after Blake’s masterpiece.  Blog Friend Andrea sums it up:

BFA: moron

BFA: chris daughtry NAILED that song – you KNOW youre gonna be compared… and his voice isnt gruff enough for it. i think that was another bad choice

Randy kinda liked it.  So did Paula.  Did they listen to the same song I listened to?  See-moan said Chris did his best, but that it might not be good enough.


– Let’s wrap things up with Melinda Doolittle!  Interesting song choice, with “Have a Nice Day.”


– Bon Jovi tells Melinda to take it to church.   For not being a “rocker,” she is rockin’ pretty hard in a Tina Turner-meets-Journey kinda way tonight.  I dig.  This is phenomenal. My Melinda crush is back in full effect.  Randy loved it, compared it to Tina Turner.  Paula gushed.  See-moan also loved it, channeling Tina Turner.


Dubbya and Mrs. Dubbya thank Amurica.


Most Valuable Singer: Blake, followed by Phil and Melinda.  Rough night for Jordin.  Might be the end for Chris.  Second good week in a row for Phil…will it save him?


Thanks for reading!  Results tomorrow!

American Idol – Idol Gives Back – Performances

Tonight is night one of “Idol Gives Back,” featuring inspirational music.

Each vote tonight equals a charity donation.  Laying on the guilt there, eh?

I get the feeling that tonight (and tomorrow) will be very self-congratulatory.  Honestly, with the money they are raising, go for it.

– Holy crap–Bono is the mentor!  F’n A!

– See-moan and Seacrest went to Africa.  We get Coldplay-themed recap.

– First up tonight is on-the-hotseat Chris Richardson, taking on “Change the World,” the Eric Clapton classic.  Those paying close attention would know Clapton was on Part One of the Summer Concert Series last night.  Wasn’t Babyface involved in this song, too?  Yes he was.  Strongest performance from Chris in a while.  But I didn’t find it all that believeable.  Like, when Melinda sings, you believe that she actually wrote it.  I don’t get that from Chris, though.  Randy really liked it.  Paula loved it.  See-moan said it was a good show of his potential that they saw originally.  Wow.  All four of us liked it.  That hasn’t happened in a while!

–  Besides Africa, Idol toured America to give back money.  Randy went to Louisiana.  Cameras went to Kentucky, Arizona.  Seacrest is from Atlanta?  Paula and Seacrest went to a mobile health unit.

– Melinda…wow…chose a Faith Hill song.  Did not see that coming.  Honestly, Melinda is heads and shoulders above the rest.  I’ve never heard this song before.  But I was ready to break out a lighter and sing “We Are The World.”  Like this:

Back to Melinda.  Remember what I talked about during Chris’ performance about a singer connecting with their song?  This did it.  Big time.  Randy: “You’re so dope.”  Paula: “You’re magical.”  See-moan: “You took a song, you absolutely made me believe you recorded it originally…it was a vocal masterclass.”  Again, we’re all on the same page!

– Seacrest encourages ballot-box-stuffing.

– Even with all the giving back, we still  have time for Beatbox Blake to hang in the Sponsored Cola Lounge and answer a fan question.

– And the Beatbox picks John Lennon’s “Imagine.”  Ballsy choice, as usual.  And he does a great job, as usual.  The original:

What’s so great about Blake is that he picks cool songs and does them “cool-ly.”  This was just a soft, controlled performance, as the song requires.  Randy thought it was OK.  Paula thought it was OK, but then really liked the emotional display from Blake.  See-moan thought it was a little flat, but liked the sincerity.  Again, he connected with the song.

– So far, great show.  Everyone’s stepping it up!

– Seacrest is in Africa, goofing around with the hungry folks.

– LaKisha again chooses a former Idol contestant’s song, with Fantasia’s “I Believe.”  Really, why is she doing that?  There are millions of inspirational songs out there.  Not sure how I’m feeling about this one.  I think it wasn’t one of her strongest vocals.  But it was also a return to her comfort zone.  Randy liked it, but didn’t think it was her best…bringing up the Fantasia-effect.  Paula called her a “powerhouse vocalist” but had trouble comparing her to Fantasia.  See-moan thought she shouted a bit.  This could be the end of the road for her.

– Phil answers questions in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

– After the rave reviews of his country twist, he’s staying in the genre with “The Change” by Garth Brooks.  Probably a good idea.  Phil kind of sounds like Richard Marx tonight.  Someone back me up?

I like Phil, but this didn’t do it for me.  Good vocal, but it didn’t have enough “wow” factor outside of the high notes, which he hit well.  Not bad, but kind of dull.  Randy pointed out the country connection and he liked it.  Paula loved it, called it his best.   See-moan liked it, but wanted to hear more country tone…he thinks that could propel him through the competition.  I agree.

– Wasn’t Bono the mentor this week?  Did I hear that wrong?  I’m confused.

– See-moan visits a food bank.  They were giving away Matzah.  I saw it with my own two eyes.

– Jordin closes the show with “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” a showtune from Carousel.

Best version of the song ever:

Yes.  It’s a soccer song, too.  I love soccer.

But I digress.

Another breathtaking performance from Jordin.  Starpower, baby.  Randy called it one of the best vocals ever on American Idol in the show’s history.  Paula called her “glorious.”  See-moan thought she was fantastic and that she could release that as a single and do well.

Most Valuable Performer: Wow…terrific performances all around.  I’ll give Melinda the nod.  Chris saved himself from elimination.  Jordin has made it.

Thanks for reading!  Results tomorrow!

American Idol – Top 7 (Performances and Results)

I’ve been sick all week, so no recaps.  Sorry.

Sanjaya just got the boot.

Blog Friend Andrea: why is he crying

Blog Friend Andrea: he shouldve left 2324 years ago

 Back to bed…thanks for reading!  Full recaps return next week!

American Idol – Top 8 – RESULTS

Got home late, so now live rant, sorry.

Blog Friend Andrea on Hot Haley, Chris the Final and Phil Bottom Three

Blog Fried Andrea: how much do i rock


Blog Fried Andrea: PERFECTLY

Blog Fried Andrea: -D

Blog Fried Andrea: i = amazing

Really dull, overly-long one-hour show.

Sayanora, Hot Haley.  I’ll definitely miss muting your performances.


Next week is Country week!  Thanks for reading!

American Idol – Top 8 – Performances

Tonight is Jennifer Lopez night!!

Let’s take a look:


I think I need to add her to The Approved List.   I mean, she IS America’s favorite Fly Girl!  The scary thing is that I KNOW some of you reading have NO CLUE who the Fly Girls were.  And that makes me sad.

– Seacrest explains that it’s actually “Latin Night.”  Sounds good to me.

– He then introduces the band and the judges.

Blog Friend Andrea: i wanna see sanjaya sing jenny from the blockdont be fooled by the rocks that he got.

– Did you know the her latest album is #1 on the Billboard Latin chart?  Me either.

– Seacrest then refers to the Top 8 as “The Top Ocho.”  Yeah…

– First up is Melinda, with “Sway,” a song Lopez did in Spanish.  Well, Melinda may not be the sexiest contestant (thank you, Hot Haley!), but she rocked a modern Tina Turner look.  As for the singing, she was fantastic.  She’s so good.  Randy said it was another solid performance.  Paula called it sultry, smooth and sexy.  See-moan didn’t like it, claiming it felt lounge-cabaret.  Said it lacked the “WOW” factor.

– One of these days I’ll have  to revisit my pet peeve with the show, in that it does not allow genre-based artists to really blossom.  (see: Daughtry, Chris)  (and yes, I know Underwood, Carrie won…I’ll rant on this soon)

– LaKisha is in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

– Ms. Jones is singing “Conga.”  She is definitely shaking her groove thang.  Completely different side to LaKisha this week.  And y’know what?  I dig it.  However, I think she is falling down the depth chart. She peaked too early in the competition.  But this was fun.  Randy really liked it.  Paula wasn’t feeling it.  See-moan said it wasn’t a singer’s song and criticized her dancing.

Seacrest: What I would pay to see you  [dance]!

See-moan: I’m sure you would!


Ahhh, and here’s Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine!

– Wait, wait, wait.  “Smooth” by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas counts as Latin?  The MUSIC is Latin, but Rob Thomas?  His WIFE is Latin…he’s not.  And he wrote the song!  Ah well…I love the song, so I’m not mad.  Just sayin’…  He dresses like Rob Thomas for fun.  Not really liking this tonight.  Weird pacing, odd key.  Not tonight, buddy.  This could be it for Chris.  Randy and Paula liked it.  See-moan liked it, too.  We can agree to disagree.

– Hot Haley is up next!  She’s going with “Turn the Beat Around.”  And NOW I have a MAJOR problem.  This was a DISCO song that Gloria Estefan COVERED!!!  It’s not LATIN!!  Don’t believe me?  Read it for yourself!  This show is losing credibility BIG TIME tonight.

–  I don’t know about the singing, because I’m caught in her legs!  She hits a high note, I think.  OK, honestly…good energy with this one tonight.  Randy called it “karaoke.”  Paula called it fun.  See-moan exposes Haley for…umm…exposing herself.  See-moan: “You can’t do well in this competition based on your voice because there are much better singers.”  Burn.

– Phil picks another track off of Santana’s “Supernatural,” “Maria Maria.”  Which, by the way, is also only marginally Latin, based on the guitar player.  Tsk Tsk.  Hahahha…Phil forgets the words because he’s like, “Holy mother of pearl, it’s Jennifer Lopez!”  I would, too.  Really cool (in a jazz way) performance by Phil.  Probably his best one since “I’ll Be” way back when.  I really enjoyed this tonight.   Randy didn’t feel it.  Paula liked the vocal.   See-moan wasn’t all that happy.  I kind of liked the voice cracking…very emotional…

– Jordin is in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.  Yawn.  Whoa…she was born in 1989.  I feel OLD!

– She’s also sticking with Gloria, with “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You.”  She looks more and more comfortable on stage each week.  Again, not a good singer’s song, but she sang it well.  And she twirled.  Can’t underestimate the on-stage twirl.  Randy: “That was the YO Factor on BLAST!”  Paula gushed.  See-moan felt it was OK.

– Beatbox Blake has the biggest balls of the group, going after “I Need To Know,” written by Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony.  In 1999 when the song came out, Anthony was about to marry a former Miss Universe while collaborating with Lopez.  Ok.  Let’s take a second.  Marc Anthony dumped MISS UNIVERSE for Jennifer Lopez.  What does that make her?  Miss All-Encompassing Hotness of Hot??

– But I digress.  Blake sang her husband’s song that he wrote about another woman to her.  Brass grapefruits.  Here’s the deal with Blake.  He’s the most creative person in the competition, by far.  He is probably the most fun.  He’s not the best singer, though.  But I like his performances, and this was no exception.  Randy liked the song choice and the performance.  Paula called it “smart.”  See-moan called it the best of the night.

– Final performance of the evening is Queen Sanjaya.  He’s singing in Spanish.  Also ballsy.  But, as we established above, he’s got rocks. He switched to English halfway through.  I guess it was OK.  His voice sounded decent enough, but I couldn’t understand a thing.  He shoots the judges a smug look.  Randy liked it.  And complemented Sanjaya’s brains.  Paula called it “nice.”  OK.  See-moan: “I’m going to hate myself for this…it wasn’t horrible.”  Me too…

Most Valuable Performer: Blake.  Melinda is right behind.  I enjoyed Phil, even though the judges didn’t.
Thanks for reading!  Results tomorrow!

American Idol – Top 9 – RESULTS

Last night was American Classics night and now it’s time to send someone home!

–  Seacrest welcomes us and previews the madness.

–  Recap of last night.  I watched it last night, so I fast forward.

–  Sponsored music video butcher job is “One Love.”

Here’s how it should sound:

–  Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Kermit D. Frog makes a cameo.  He says he loves being green, TOTALLY contradicting himself:

–  The Top 9 are pre-divided:

– Group One: Beatbox Blake, Last Chris, Queen Sanjaya

– Group Two: Hot Haley, Gina, Phil

– Group Three: Jordin, Haley, LaKisha

– Group Three is, of course, not the bottom three.  That was brain surgery there…

– Group One is safe, as well.  Hot Haley, Gina, and Phil are on the chopping block!

– We meet last week’s Stupid Trivia Winner, flowing nicely into this week’s Stupid Trivia Question.

– Allstate has joined the “Idol Gives Back” parade.  Cool enough.

– Tony Bennett was supposed to sing, but got sick, so Michael Buble fills in.  He really is a throwback to another generation.  Good stuff.

– Buble confesses he still votes for Skankilicious.  That’s a good one, but still not enough to give him Blog Hero Status.  That is reserved for Rick Astley!

– Back with the Bottom Three: Hot Haley, Gina the Good Witch, and Phil.

– Phil is safe, meaning either the eye candy or one of my guilty pleasures will be going home!

– The judges are wary to criticize them…well, except for See-moan.  He isn’t shocked at all.

– America Voted almost 33 million times.

– HOLY CRAP—Gina goes home??????  Not cool.  She’s having trouble keeping it together.

– OK.  We’re to the point where it doesn’t really matter who goes home in what order.  Everyone has “made it” now.  But seriously, Gina has much more talent and future than Hot Haley or the Queen.  But this is the most messed-up season ever.

Thanks for reading…pass it along!

American Idol – Top 9 – Performances

It’s American Classics night, which is always a fun one, complete with songs I’ve never heard of!  Score.

– Seacrest welcomes us and reminds us that Tony Bennett is the guest teacher.

– The gang is here, from band to contestants to judges.  Thanks for that, Seacrest.

– Bio on Bennett.  He’s The Man.

– Beatbox Blake kicks us off with “Mack the Knife.”  Great song, great song for him.  This will be a stretch for him, but I think he’ll do alright.  He moves slickly, to add his personal touch.  Not his strongest vocal, but good enough.  I think he played to the camera a little too much.  Nice little 3-second beatbox at the end.  Randy liked it, despite a few pitch problems.  Paula: Blake=pizzazz and cool.  See-moan gave it a 7 out of 10.  Sounds about right.

– Seacrest talks about “Idol Gives Back.”

– Phil is growing his hair back…interesting.  His choice is “Night and Day.”  I’ve never heard of it.  Ahh, he shaved his head again before the show.   Very soupy performance.  He hit the high note.  And that’s really all I have to say about it.  Bland and mostly forgettable.  Randy didn’t feel the passion and called it “disconnected.”  Paula compares Phil to Frank Sinatra as See-moan goes apoplectic.

– That brings us to Melinda, performing “I’ve Got Rhythm.”  This should be good.  She’s looking better tonight that she has at any point this season.  She owns the stage, with just the right amount of inflection and attitude.  Another TERRIFIC performance.  This wasn’t the biggest “WOW” she’s had, but it was great!  Randy: “This is how you do it, America.”  Paula called it flawless and mapped out Melinda’s career.  See-moan liked it more towards the end and says the judges can’t criticize her.  He admits that he likes being mean to people occasionally.

– The Last of the Chrises is in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

– Chris the Last cools down to Duke Ellington’s Mr. Saturday Dance, which I also have never heard.  It had some good moments, but Chris Finale isn’t winning the competition, so what does it really matter?  Randy loved it.  Paula thought it was his best of the season.  See-moan liked it, too.

– Rising Jordin reminds us that she’s really young, by telling us she’s so excited to sing “On A Clear Day”  because “it’s such a cute song.”  Probably one of her most mature, complete performances, although she’s had better vocals.  She hits a string of high notes at the end to finish strong.  Randy preached the word and Paula calls her “a magnet of joy.”  See-moan called her “Magnet of Joy!”  HA!  He then called the other judges “Squiggly and Diggly.”  Which one is which???

– Gina the Good Witch sings “Smile,” which was a Charlie Chaplin song.  It was there.  Good enough, but totally unremarkable.  Paula said it was flawless.  See-moan can’t rave.  Judges didn’t gush, so I’m thinking they agreed with me.

– Queen Sanjaya takes on Sinatra‘s “Cheek to Cheek.”  He still looks like a little boy playing “lounge singer.”  Nothing fun with the hair this week.  Randy calls him an entertainer, refusing to talk about the vocals.  Paula agrees.   See-moan calls it “incredible,” but it’s in jest trying to get him kicked off.  Rock on, See-moan!

– Hot Haley keeps channeling McPhee in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

– Hot Haley goes with “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”  She teases giving a guy a lapdance.  Haley and the Final Chris are in the same boat.  Good looks, nice talent, no chance at winning.  See-moan compliments her legs.  I agree.  Judges didn’t love it.  But she has a rockin’ body.

– Running desperately late here….someone went long!

– LaKisha brings us home with “Stormy Weather.”  Here’s where I’m at with LaKisha.  Is she one of the favorites?  Sure.  Did she peak too early?  I think so.  Her first few weeks were so phenomenal that she may have played herself out of the competition.  But honestly, she’s made it to at least record one album.  Very emphatic, emotive performance.  She sold the song all the way through.  Great performance!  Randy loved it.  Paula loved her outfit.  See-moan liked it a lot.

– Most Valuable Performer: Melinda, of course.  Best of the night.  Phil also had a good evening.  Nobody was actively terrible.  The Queen stunk, of course.

Thanks for reading!  Results tomorrow!

American Idol – Top 10 RESULTS

No full-blown recap tonight. Sorry.

Chris Sligh went home.

I was a fan of his from the beginning. I mean, he auditioned with a Seal song! That’s major points in my book.

However, it was obvious even then that he was not championship material.

At the end of the day, Chris gave us some good entertainment. Seemed like a nice enough guy and I hope he makes it in the performing business.

My suggestion has always been for him to become Meat Loaf 2.0.

Take a look at the original:

Of course, Chris would have a LONG way to go before reaching that level. But that is the mold he should use when creating himself.  Just my two cents.

And it goes without saying that Sanjaya was the worst last night.  But I  think this competition has lost all touch with reality.

Also–Gwen Stefani.  HOT!  HOT!

Thanks for reading!  Back for the Top 9 next week!

Equal Time for Sanjaya Fans.

OK, I think I’ve made my opinion on Sanjaya quite clear.  I think he belongs watching American Idol from his sofa at home instead of being on the show.

However, he definitely has his supporters…which is why he’s made it so far.

I say, “to each their own.”  Some people still don’t care for Chris Daughtry, who I rooted for from his audition.

In the interest of equal time, please check out the very impressive website.

Now, not everyone like Sanjaya.  Trust me, I’m one of them.  But the following photo, uncovered by webmaster Clint, is AWESOME:

And on that note, have a great Hump Day, dear reader!  Spread the URL and I’ll see you back here later tonight for the results show recap!

To help you make it through the day, here’s an oldie but a goodie, dedicated to Blog Friend Andrea!