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Jack FM / George 104

(This post is in honor of MC Hammer’s 45th Birthday!  Please, Hammer…don’t hurt ’em!)

Gotta love the new “Jack FM” radio format. It’s ipod radio, playing anything and everything under the sun in no logical order.

Here in DC, we’ve got “George 104.” The website is nothing, but you can listen live. Given the nature of the music arranging, I can usually only listen for one or two songs, but there are some gems that they come up with.

But the reason I’m writing about it was a pair of songs heard last Friday night. Yes, I’m a week late on this, but it’s OK. Two of the most random songs that had ever been heard back-to-back. My ears got whiplash!

Take a listen (music video approximations)!

An ordained old skool rapper:

followed by The Southern National Anthem:

Same station. Back-to-back.

Love it.

Could do without the Confederate Flag, though.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Some videos need very little introduction.  This is one of them.

Stop. Hammertime.

Blog Friend Andrea: i am TOO legit

Blog Friend Andrea: too legit to quit


In honor of Blog Friend Andrea, who was the inspiration behind Blog Hero Rick Astley, here is the next new old craze–Hammertime!


Let’s start with his biggest hit:


And a live version from the Arsenio Hall Show:


Anyone remember the MC Hammer cartoon, Hammerman?


2L2Q. Nuff Said.


And the great Nationwide commercial:


One night last year, I was flipping through the channels and saw Hammer preaching. I’m Jewish, but I was glued to the set. Probably watched 45 minutes of it. Amazing stuff.


Now I want Hammerpants.