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No, Carmen. Thank YOU!

This may go down as one of the greatest commercials of all time!

– Fat, middle-aged CEO hires a washed-up model (didn’t Dennis Rodman, her husband at the time, call her a “sperm receptacle?  Ouch.) to go ga-ga over him.

– She talks about “fast enlargements” with a straight face.

– Wait…Carmen Electra, Photographer??

– I KNOW Carmen has at least 50 or 60 options for “big, big enlargements.”  Ritz MUST be good, then!


George Costanza’s Greatest Hits

I think it’s official.  George Costanza is a BLOG HERO!

And finally, this is Jason Alexander, in probably his greatest role EVER:

Save 15% Or More (The Geico Cavemen)

Is this the greatest commercial campaign in recent memory?  Hell yeah!  And for your entertainment, here are as many of the spots as I could find!  Enjoy!

RIP, Grey Poupon Guy

Ian Richardson, the star of the Grey Poupon commercials, has passed away at the age of 72.

To honor him, watch these classics:

Stop. Hammertime.

Blog Friend Andrea: i am TOO legit

Blog Friend Andrea: too legit to quit


In honor of Blog Friend Andrea, who was the inspiration behind Blog Hero Rick Astley, here is the next new old craze–Hammertime!


Let’s start with his biggest hit:


And a live version from the Arsenio Hall Show:


Anyone remember the MC Hammer cartoon, Hammerman?


2L2Q. Nuff Said.


And the great Nationwide commercial:


One night last year, I was flipping through the channels and saw Hammer preaching. I’m Jewish, but I was glued to the set. Probably watched 45 minutes of it. Amazing stuff.


Now I want Hammerpants.

GREAT Old WWE Commercial

Remember these?  I loved them.  You’d think they’re real!!!!!  Show some love for the Junk Yard Dog!!!

Easterns Motors – Where Your Job Is Your Credit!

This is quite possibly the catchiest commerical in recent memory.  From bad lip-syncing (LaVar Arrington) to bad car-dancing (Clinton Portis) to bad-snitching (Carmelo Anthony–don’t worry if you don’t get the joke), it’s got it all.

You will have this stuck in your head for at least seven weeks.  Thank me later.