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Eric Maynor, Emerging Superstar

In every NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, we meet new players.  Some of these players have their moment of glory and return to a normal life.  Others springboard from their accomplishments to the next level.  Part of the intrigue is that we don’t know now in which direction any of these players will go.

Without question, one of the brightest new stars in the NCAA postseason has been Virgina Commonwealth’s Eric Maynor.  In the Colonial conference title game, he single-handedly took over against George Mason.  Make no mistake, Maynor was the star of the show.

How does a player follow that up?  Try hitting the go-ahead shot with less than 2 seconds remaining against one of the best basketball programs in the history of the NCAA.

Will this be the highest high of Maynor’s career?  Maybe.  But if it is, what a run.