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Save 15% Or More (The Geico Cavemen)

Is this the greatest commercial campaign in recent memory?  Hell yeah!  And for your entertainment, here are as many of the spots as I could find!  Enjoy!

Jump In My Car

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet!  This video is among the inspirations for this entire blog to begin with!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, I proudly bring to you…David Hasselhoff’s “Jump In My Car!”

Seriously, you will sleep better tonight for having seen that music video.  Thank me in the morning.

Easterns Motors – Where Your Job Is Your Credit!

This is quite possibly the catchiest commerical in recent memory.  From bad lip-syncing (LaVar Arrington) to bad car-dancing (Clinton Portis) to bad-snitching (Carmelo Anthony–don’t worry if you don’t get the joke), it’s got it all.

You will have this stuck in your head for at least seven weeks.  Thank me later.