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Vince MaMahon, BALD

Some of the great baldies in history:


And finally, our newest Baldy, Vince MaMahon!

So Britney Spears Shaved Her Head

In honor of the freshly-bald Britney Spears, here are some of my favorite Britney moments:

In her younger days:

The Federline years:

The greatest moment in Britney Spears history, a stadium of screaming people in another country cheering her ex while he sings the song he wrote to trash her:

The clincher…a punk band covers the song her ex wrote to trash her…and the cover is co-sponsored by the soda company she famously sponsored.  Amazing:

I believe that it’s safe too say that she peaked at “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” right?  Any arguments?  I didn’t think so.