Top Wrestling Entrance Themes

I think I may have done something similar to this before, but y’know what?  I’ll do it again!

In professional wrestling (nee Sportz Entertainment), the music heralding a wrestler’s entrance into the arena for a match or interview is crucial to set the proper tone.  If someone came in to a high-energy Metallica rock song, you’d get one impression of them, as opposed to if they entered to a Frank Sinatra ballad.

So I present to you this Top 10 List of the Wrestling Entrance Themes!  They are judged on the following characteristics:

– Reactiveness: Does the music make you feel an emotion?  Excitement, fear, etc.

– Coolness: Does the piece just have a unique, cool spin?

– Longevity: If it lasted for a long period of time, it did so for a reason.

– Success: On a lower level, the success of the wrestler can help make a theme awesome.

All set?  Let’s roll.

#10 – Randy Orton (Mercy Drive’s “Burn In My Light”) – WWE – Sweet song for an arrogant, rising star.

#9 – Dusty Rhodes (“Common Man”) – WWE – You want to dance EVERYTIME you hear this, don’t you?

#8 –  Jeff Jarrett (“King of the Mountain) – TNA – From the opening notes, you just HATE this prick.

#7 – Goldberg – WCW/WWE – These had slight differences but were close enough.  Amazing.

#6 – Macho Man Randy Savage (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – WWE/WCW – Can’t find a good version of it, but here’s something.

#5 – Ultimate Warrior (“Unstable”) – WWE – Sheer energy.  The forerunner of modern themes that defined the character.

#4 – Ted DiBiase (“Money”) – WWE – Just perfect.

#3 – Edge (“Metalingus” by Alter Bridge) – WWE – Amazing, amazing song.  Perfect for the character.

#2 – Sandman (“Enter Sandman” by Metallica) – ECW – This clip is from a WWE show, but this entrance is ALL ECW.

#1 Hulk Hogan (“Real American” by Rick Derringer) – WWE – Simply the best.  For over 20 years.

8 responses to “Top Wrestling Entrance Themes

  1. Love it! I grew up watching wrestling and was pretty much the only girl I knew who liked it. 🙂 I don’t watch much anymore, but still like the older characters. Early Hogan, Jim “Hacksaw” Dugan, the Midnight Rockers, Sting, Lex Luger, Macho Man, Ric Flair, The Iron Sheik, Nikita Koloff. It was all great fun.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. Konnichiwa!
    Check this out!

  3. EXCITEDabtnewfederation

    no austin!!!!! no sting!!!! no hbk!!!! and no bret hart!!!!! this list is pathetic

  4. I landed on this page while searching for “Wrestling Entrance Themes”. I thought I will have mp3. These are great, but I prefer mp3.

  5. Someone rightly

    You haven’t watched wrestling from 1994 onwards to 2003 it seems. You missed the perios when the best wrestling themes were made,

    Austin? The Rock? Gangrel? Bret Hart? Shawn Michaels? The crow Sting? nWo wolfpac? Degeneration X? Razor Ramon? The Nation of Domination (under the Rock) theme ? Hell even Goldust? Booker T? The theme should match the personality of the wrestler too? That criterion and probably the most important one was left out by you. Austin’s theme was nerve wracking and would hit at the most unpredictable times….The Rock’s was Regal, Bret’s was a confident theme like he himself. Man you must be 12..

  6. The Ultimate Warrior is number all time!

  7. The Ultimate Warrior is number 1 all time!

  8. Hey guys. Don’t leave Undertaker out. Not only does he have the longest running gimmick of all time, but his themes fit him to a T! I felt genuine fear when he came out back in the day. Now, I hold up a lighter when he enters and have been doing so since 94 to signal, as he said himself at Royal Rumble 94, “The eternal flame of life that cannot be extinguished.”

    I also liked Kane’s 1998 & 2001 themes. And Edge’s first theme was cool too. So was Benoit’s Shooter theme.

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