Sick Day (The Price Is Right)

Sometime last week or over the weekend, I caught a heinous stomach bug.  Think of the most fun you’ve ever had in your life.  Imagine the opposite of that, and that’s what the past day and a half have been for me.

I’m working from home today (productivity in sweatpants is always a plus).  One of my (and I’m sure your) sick-day traditions is watching perhaps the greatest game show EVER: The Price is Right!

So, I’ve found some classic footage that can entertain you, even if you aren’t sick on your couch!


2 responses to “Sick Day (The Price Is Right)

  1. Feel better, friend.

    RIP Rod Roddy

    i heart the mountain climber yodeling game 😛

  2. I went one step further, found a bingo game based on the game show and set up a blog about it as i was so excited, I wont 15 quid in the first couple of rounds!

    play it here

    and if you like gameshow bingo stuff, share your opinions on my blog, this is the first i’ve played and i love it

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