American Idol – Top 8 – Performances

Tonight is Jennifer Lopez night!!

Let’s take a look:


I think I need to add her to The Approved List.   I mean, she IS America’s favorite Fly Girl!  The scary thing is that I KNOW some of you reading have NO CLUE who the Fly Girls were.  And that makes me sad.

– Seacrest explains that it’s actually “Latin Night.”  Sounds good to me.

– He then introduces the band and the judges.

Blog Friend Andrea: i wanna see sanjaya sing jenny from the blockdont be fooled by the rocks that he got.

– Did you know the her latest album is #1 on the Billboard Latin chart?  Me either.

– Seacrest then refers to the Top 8 as “The Top Ocho.”  Yeah…

– First up is Melinda, with “Sway,” a song Lopez did in Spanish.  Well, Melinda may not be the sexiest contestant (thank you, Hot Haley!), but she rocked a modern Tina Turner look.  As for the singing, she was fantastic.  She’s so good.  Randy said it was another solid performance.  Paula called it sultry, smooth and sexy.  See-moan didn’t like it, claiming it felt lounge-cabaret.  Said it lacked the “WOW” factor.

– One of these days I’ll have  to revisit my pet peeve with the show, in that it does not allow genre-based artists to really blossom.  (see: Daughtry, Chris)  (and yes, I know Underwood, Carrie won…I’ll rant on this soon)

– LaKisha is in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

– Ms. Jones is singing “Conga.”  She is definitely shaking her groove thang.  Completely different side to LaKisha this week.  And y’know what?  I dig it.  However, I think she is falling down the depth chart. She peaked too early in the competition.  But this was fun.  Randy really liked it.  Paula wasn’t feeling it.  See-moan said it wasn’t a singer’s song and criticized her dancing.

Seacrest: What I would pay to see you  [dance]!

See-moan: I’m sure you would!


Ahhh, and here’s Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine!

– Wait, wait, wait.  “Smooth” by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas counts as Latin?  The MUSIC is Latin, but Rob Thomas?  His WIFE is Latin…he’s not.  And he wrote the song!  Ah well…I love the song, so I’m not mad.  Just sayin’…  He dresses like Rob Thomas for fun.  Not really liking this tonight.  Weird pacing, odd key.  Not tonight, buddy.  This could be it for Chris.  Randy and Paula liked it.  See-moan liked it, too.  We can agree to disagree.

– Hot Haley is up next!  She’s going with “Turn the Beat Around.”  And NOW I have a MAJOR problem.  This was a DISCO song that Gloria Estefan COVERED!!!  It’s not LATIN!!  Don’t believe me?  Read it for yourself!  This show is losing credibility BIG TIME tonight.

–  I don’t know about the singing, because I’m caught in her legs!  She hits a high note, I think.  OK, honestly…good energy with this one tonight.  Randy called it “karaoke.”  Paula called it fun.  See-moan exposes Haley for…umm…exposing herself.  See-moan: “You can’t do well in this competition based on your voice because there are much better singers.”  Burn.

– Phil picks another track off of Santana’s “Supernatural,” “Maria Maria.”  Which, by the way, is also only marginally Latin, based on the guitar player.  Tsk Tsk.  Hahahha…Phil forgets the words because he’s like, “Holy mother of pearl, it’s Jennifer Lopez!”  I would, too.  Really cool (in a jazz way) performance by Phil.  Probably his best one since “I’ll Be” way back when.  I really enjoyed this tonight.   Randy didn’t feel it.  Paula liked the vocal.   See-moan wasn’t all that happy.  I kind of liked the voice cracking…very emotional…

– Jordin is in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.  Yawn.  Whoa…she was born in 1989.  I feel OLD!

– She’s also sticking with Gloria, with “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You.”  She looks more and more comfortable on stage each week.  Again, not a good singer’s song, but she sang it well.  And she twirled.  Can’t underestimate the on-stage twirl.  Randy: “That was the YO Factor on BLAST!”  Paula gushed.  See-moan felt it was OK.

– Beatbox Blake has the biggest balls of the group, going after “I Need To Know,” written by Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony.  In 1999 when the song came out, Anthony was about to marry a former Miss Universe while collaborating with Lopez.  Ok.  Let’s take a second.  Marc Anthony dumped MISS UNIVERSE for Jennifer Lopez.  What does that make her?  Miss All-Encompassing Hotness of Hot??

– But I digress.  Blake sang her husband’s song that he wrote about another woman to her.  Brass grapefruits.  Here’s the deal with Blake.  He’s the most creative person in the competition, by far.  He is probably the most fun.  He’s not the best singer, though.  But I like his performances, and this was no exception.  Randy liked the song choice and the performance.  Paula called it “smart.”  See-moan called it the best of the night.

– Final performance of the evening is Queen Sanjaya.  He’s singing in Spanish.  Also ballsy.  But, as we established above, he’s got rocks. He switched to English halfway through.  I guess it was OK.  His voice sounded decent enough, but I couldn’t understand a thing.  He shoots the judges a smug look.  Randy liked it.  And complemented Sanjaya’s brains.  Paula called it “nice.”  OK.  See-moan: “I’m going to hate myself for this…it wasn’t horrible.”  Me too…

Most Valuable Performer: Blake.  Melinda is right behind.  I enjoyed Phil, even though the judges didn’t.
Thanks for reading!  Results tomorrow!

3 responses to “American Idol – Top 8 – Performances

  1. me: ummm latin night wasn’t very “latin”
    my daddy: umm latin night wasn’t very good

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