American Idol – Top 9 – RESULTS

Last night was American Classics night and now it’s time to send someone home!

–  Seacrest welcomes us and previews the madness.

–  Recap of last night.  I watched it last night, so I fast forward.

–  Sponsored music video butcher job is “One Love.”

Here’s how it should sound:

–  Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Kermit D. Frog makes a cameo.  He says he loves being green, TOTALLY contradicting himself:

–  The Top 9 are pre-divided:

– Group One: Beatbox Blake, Last Chris, Queen Sanjaya

– Group Two: Hot Haley, Gina, Phil

– Group Three: Jordin, Haley, LaKisha

– Group Three is, of course, not the bottom three.  That was brain surgery there…

– Group One is safe, as well.  Hot Haley, Gina, and Phil are on the chopping block!

– We meet last week’s Stupid Trivia Winner, flowing nicely into this week’s Stupid Trivia Question.

– Allstate has joined the “Idol Gives Back” parade.  Cool enough.

– Tony Bennett was supposed to sing, but got sick, so Michael Buble fills in.  He really is a throwback to another generation.  Good stuff.

– Buble confesses he still votes for Skankilicious.  That’s a good one, but still not enough to give him Blog Hero Status.  That is reserved for Rick Astley!

– Back with the Bottom Three: Hot Haley, Gina the Good Witch, and Phil.

– Phil is safe, meaning either the eye candy or one of my guilty pleasures will be going home!

– The judges are wary to criticize them…well, except for See-moan.  He isn’t shocked at all.

– America Voted almost 33 million times.

– HOLY CRAP—Gina goes home??????  Not cool.  She’s having trouble keeping it together.

– OK.  We’re to the point where it doesn’t really matter who goes home in what order.  Everyone has “made it” now.  But seriously, Gina has much more talent and future than Hot Haley or the Queen.  But this is the most messed-up season ever.

Thanks for reading…pass it along!


2 responses to “American Idol – Top 9 – RESULTS

  1. I found Sanjaya’s personal Photobucket account, AND his deleted MySpace blog posts and did a screen print – you can find it on my blog here:

    Oops! Such a potty mouth!

    Everything you say (write) can be used against you in the future, eh?

  2. i might have to stop watching this show… or go to door kicking ass as stated in a previous comment

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