The Continued Rick Astley-ization of America

This afternoon, I was at my neighborhood Trader Joe’s, purchasing an assortment of fresh, frozen and dried fruit.  Good times, I say.

In the store they play a variety of music, a pretty decent mix.  I’ve always been entertained when I’m in there.  Well, entertained enough to keep going back from fresh, frozen and dried fruit.

Upon gathering my desired items, I got in the longest cash register line.  (Don’t hate…there was a cute girl in front of me!)

And what came over the system?  Blog Hero Rick Astley!

Just another instance that Rick Astley is really taking over the United States, 15 years after he was originally popular!

Anyone up for a Rick Astley comeback album???


2 responses to “The Continued Rick Astley-ization of America

  1. You know who it is...

    ummmm are those japanese subtitles? xoxo

  2. Rick's dancing hips

    Rick is the best male singer I’ve ever heard. His dancing left a little to be desired – lol – but his voice was and still is amazing. He can sing pop, dance, soul, crooner material etc. One off talent and the current internet rickrolling phenomenon proves his voice is just as popular.

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