American Idol – Top 10 RESULTS

No full-blown recap tonight. Sorry.

Chris Sligh went home.

I was a fan of his from the beginning. I mean, he auditioned with a Seal song! That’s major points in my book.

However, it was obvious even then that he was not championship material.

At the end of the day, Chris gave us some good entertainment. Seemed like a nice enough guy and I hope he makes it in the performing business.

My suggestion has always been for him to become Meat Loaf 2.0.

Take a look at the original:

Of course, Chris would have a LONG way to go before reaching that level. But that is the mold he should use when creating himself.  Just my two cents.

And it goes without saying that Sanjaya was the worst last night.  But I  think this competition has lost all touch with reality.

Also–Gwen Stefani.  HOT!  HOT!

Thanks for reading!  Back for the Top 9 next week!


3 responses to “American Idol – Top 10 RESULTS

  1. 2 “why” questions:

    1. WHY was sanjaya NOT EVEN IN THE BOTTOM 3???

    2. WHY is Gwen Stefani so insanely adorable always??

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  3. Sanjaya is alive and on top with Vote-For-The-Worst backing him all the way. You too can keep him alive (even if you’re not watching). Check it out!
    VFTW on your Cell

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