More Hulk Hogan!

Wow…I had no idea my original Hulk Hogan post would be so popular!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some highlights from the Hulkster’s career!

– Defeating the Iron Sheik for his first WWF/WWE championship:

– A musical tribute to his Wrestlemania III match vs. Andre the Giant (the most famous match of all time, to that point–and maybe still to this day!):

– Classic Wrestlemania V promo before his match with Macho Man Randy Savage:

– Hogan/Ultimate Warrior vs. Mr. Perfect/The Genius on a Saturday Night’s Main Event:

– And following that set-up, here are clips of the Wrestlemania VI main event, between Hogan and the Warrior:

The Undertaker defeated Hogan at Survivor Series to win the championship.  That couldn’t stand, so a few days later, Hogan reclaimed his belt at This Tuesday in Texas:

That’s all for now…we’ll pick up where we left off sometime soon…keep checking back!

3 responses to “More Hulk Hogan!

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  3. A profile on Sting, Kane Orton and Edge would be nice.

    Edge….his Tortured Soul/Enigma persona, feud & stable with Gangrel (profile on him would be nice too) and Christian known as The Brood….Era Of Awesomeness….Rated R Superstar

    Orton…..Legend Killer…..The Viper

    Kane…..covering 97-98….2001

    Sting…..feud with Flair…….”leaving” WCW and thus becoming a “free agent” only to appear in the rafters as “a ghost, a lost soul” (the mysterious, silent Crow persona) & feud with Hogan…..Starrcade 97…..TNA…..Joker Sting

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