American Idol – Top 12 – RESULTS

Last night was Diana Ross Night…and tonight someone goes home!

I think the three most vulnerable are Queen Sanjaya, Haley and Brandon.  And let’s see what happens.

– Seacrest welcomes us at the Top 12 are lined up “Usual Suspects” style.

– We recap last night’s performances, including the awesome, awesome banter between Seacrest and See-moan.   I don’t care what anyone says, Blake was great.  And can we all agree that Queen Sanjaya was terrible?

– Time for the usual tribute to the guest teacher.  It’s going great until the Queen opens his mouth.  The guys are overall pretty good.  I’m starting to get off the Chris Griffin bandwagon.  Still got nothing but love for him, but its toned down a bit.  The ladies are also quite good.  Jordin looks more relaxed and she sounds better for it.

– The “Fox Cast in the Crowd” shots are starting to get really annoying.

– Kitiwiti – Yes, Blog Hero Rick Astley as a guest judge would be amazing!!  I think George Martin’s son who did the “Love” album is MUCH more likely.  Why not do a U2 night?  I think them, REM, Pearl Jam, Hootie and the Blowfish, Melissa Etheridge are all ripe for the picking.  Any other suggestions?

– All this talk of Rick Astley has a song running through my head…I don’t think I’ve posted this version, either!

– Oh man…the lame Sponsored Vehicle Commercials are back.  This time, they butcher Modest Mouse’s “Float On.”

– Time to name the Bottom 3.

– Safe: LaKisha, Gina, Jordin, Chris Timberlake, Melinda, Chris Griffin, Stephanie, Blake…
– Bottom 3: Brandon, Phil (WHAT??????)…

– And we take a break, with Queen Sanjaya and Haley hanging in the balance.

– Analysis so far…Brandon belongs in the Bottom 3, but should stick around.  Phil is a shock.  He’s one of the top guys, vocally.  I can’t believe one of the two worst from last night will be sticking around…

– Hey, let’s do a Trivia Question!  When you’re the top dog, you need to keep feeding the beast.

– Diana Ross does “More Today Than Yesterday,” which, coincidentally, she recorded on her…get this…brand new album currently in stores!!  Whoda thunk??  She’s music royalty.  Wait, she’s on TOUR!  Info on her website!  I’m shocked that it all just happened to work out so perfectly!!!

– OK back to the results.

– Bottom 3: Brandon, Phil, and Queen Sanjaya (YESSS!!!!)

– Whew…Phil is safe!

– 28 million votes.

– America has decided that…holy shit…Queen Sanjaya is SAFE!  Brandon is going home.

– Anyone else joining me in Canada?

Thanks for reading, pass it along!


4 responses to “American Idol – Top 12 – RESULTS

  1. i love you.

    btw, the shirt jordin wore while hanging with miss ross (in the clip that aired last night) – i own it. 🙂

    sanjaya better go next week… or what i wrote in my last comment will happen 😛

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  4. i felt (still feel) sorry for brandon. the order in which the talentless kids go should be like who sucks most! queen sanjaya should be auf’ed by next week! haha.

    ever wonder about song selection (how do they choose and do they draw lots on who picks first?) i also wonder how much control they have with arrangement. im sure they make ‘suggestions’ but it really depends on the band, right?

    cause see, if the kids have to learn new songs, that means more chances of forgetting the lyrics. right? it almost makes you forgive them…

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