American Idol – Week Three, Night Two (Girls)

Question: After a down night for the guys, can the ladies rise above?

Answer: Ummm…it would be insanely difficult for them to do anything else!

– Paula is missing at the top of the show for some reason.  Like we used to say in elementary school, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

– Seacrest introduces the girls and pimps the big revelation tomorrow.  OK.

– Paula made it out of the bathroom in time and has a dorky, sheepish grin.  See-moan says she was “under the desk.”  Randy explains, “she was getting something for me.”  Seacrest wants no part of that, thankfully.

– Jordin is a big football fan.  Wanted to play, but chose to sing.  She sings “Heartbreaker” by the underrated Pat Benatar.  Here’s the thing…Pat’s voice is powerful and unique.  Jordin’s isn’t…she has a good voice, don’t get me wrong.  But having a “good” voice sing a song originally done by an “excellent” voice makes it seem small.  Randy liked it more than anything the guys did last night.  Paula praised her energy.  See-moan is less excited than the others.

-For comparison, here’s the original (performed live…apples to apples, my friend):

– Seacrest is in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.  Carrie Underwood is on the results show.

– Yep.  THAT Carrie Underwood.

– We see high school video of Sabrina.  She gives, in my opinion, her best performance of the season, with a TIGHT version of En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.”  Rock on, 90s R&B!  Awesome song, great song for her.  Randy disagrees with me.  He’s allowed.  Maybe I just love the song so much that I excused some things.  It happens.  Paula gushes and See-moan wasn’t a fan of the performance.  We disagree sometimes, me and the judges.

– Want to have the song stuck in your head for a good week?

– There ya go.

– Ugh…Skankilicious gave up her violin in college.  Umm…stop letting people in the bathroom when you pee and you’ll find a whole world of free time!  If you’re struggling on American Idol, it might not be the best idea to sing a song that was nominated for a bazillion Grammys, like Corinne Bailey Rae‘s “Put Your Records On.”  It was awful, but got less awful as it went on.  Her best to date, which isn’t a compliment.  Randy thinks she’s an underachiever.  Paula and Randy thought it was the right song for her.  See-moan tells her she’s gone as far as she can go.  Burn.  He then compliments her for handling herself well in the media.  It’s her own fault, man.  See-moan: “I just wish you could sing better.”  Double Burn.

– Haley gives a forgettable performance of a Faith Hill track, “If My Heart Had Wings.”  Here’s my take on Haley.  She is the best singer in your high school.  She’s the best singer to come out of your hometown in decades.  She’s the best singer at your local open mic/karaoke night.  But that doesn’t mean she should be a professional singer.  Randy: “It had no pizzazz to it…no like…YO.”  See-moan: “I thought it was like some terrible, ghastly high school musical performance.”  We’re on the same page, me and See-moan!  He admits he doesn’t know her name.  Neither do I.

– Classy Stephanie does justice to Mary J’s “Sweet Thing.”  Word.  Mary J. is like Stevie Wonder on my Cardinal Sin scale, but not quite up there.  Randy agrees.  Don’t do Mary J. if you can’t blow it out!  See-moan thinks we’ll see her next week.

– Time for LaKisha!  I get chills when she sings.  She is THAT good.  She is the exception to the Cardinal Sins, by ROCKING Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”  This woman can flat out sing.  She’s got stage presence, a booming voice, the right amount of attitude…everything.  She is everything RIGHT about American Idol.  Randy says it wasn’t her best, but it was still great.  Paula says she could be the next Idol.  See-moan, style expert, compliments her outfit.  Odd, but cool.

– Seacrest is chilling in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

– I didn’t like Gina the Witch at first because she didn’t like my girl Perla.  But Gina is growing on me.  Interesting song choice, as she does a more upbeat version of Evanescence’s “You Don’t Call Me When You’re Sober.”  Seriously, she was channeling Alanis on “You Oughta Know”

Check it out:

– Back to Gina…she is now officially Gina the Good Witch.  I liked this.  A little pitchy for me, but I liked it.  Randy liked it for the same reasons I did.  That’s it, dawg!  See-moan calls her a breath of fresh air.  Cool.

– We wrap up the show with Melinda!  She explains her mild OCD.  She owns the theater with her version of Peggy Lee’s “I’m A Woman.”  Nice way to separate herself from the Antonella’s of the world.  Not her BEST for me.  Randy called it the hottest of the night and wants to bring her in a studio NOW.  See-moan calls her “a little tiger.”  It’s very cool to see her evolve right before our eyes.

Most Valuable Performer: LaKisha, of course.  Sabrina and Gina rose BIG TIME tonight.  Melinda was solid, as always, and Stephanie is a quiet contender.  It’s going to end up being LaKisha, Melinda and Gina at the end.  I mean for the grand prize…not just for the last female.  They are the top 3 overall.  (I know I was down on Gina…I’m eating crow now, OK??)

The night was as strong for the ladies as last night was weak for the guys.

Thanks for reading!  Spread the word!  Results only on the recap tomorrow…sorry, but I’m seeing The Who in DC then flying to Florida for Spring Training.  Jealous??


3 responses to “American Idol – Week Three, Night Two (Girls)

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  3. i told my dad last night that the top 3 at the end will be lakisha, melinda and sunjaya hahahahahah – not because i think he’s good, but i think america is messed up in the head and think he’s a nice boy and will keep him around. if this happens, however, i will cry… for american idol and for america as a whole.

    get ready for the top 12 and for the boys to start dropping out of the competition like flies.

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