American Idol – Week Three, Night One (Guys)

And then there were 16…tonight we have the final 8 guys.  Six will advance, two will go home.  Let’s figure out who goes where!  Thankfully, it’s a one-hour show tonight.

– The guys look slightly more styled tonight.

– Randy D. Jackson is wearing a shirt with his name on it.  Represent, dawg…represent.

– Seacrest pimps a major event in Idol history.

– First up is Beatbox Blake!  He does a funky remix of 311‘s “All Mixed Up.”  Good mid-90s song keeps Blake among the most modern contestants.  Not his best, but a fun way to start the show.  Strangely, the judges had no clue what the song was.  Weird.  311 is NOT an obscure band in the least.  Are the judges showing thir age?  Do we have a generation gap on American Idol??

– Sundance and Queen Sanjaya  are in the Spnosored Cola Lounge.  Seriously…he, is a hula dancer.  Sanjaya, not Sundance.

– And the Queen keeps it modern with John Mayer‘s “Waiting on the World to Change.”  He’s waiting on his voice to change!  ZING!!!!   I pray for his voice to change during the song…or just go silent.  This sounded like an elementary school talent show performance.  The judges all pan him.  Listen…when Paula struggles to say something nice, you’ve gotta go.  See-moan compares Sanajaya’s new haircut to something Paula would sport.

– Off a strong performance last week, Sundance takes a step back.  His version of The Mighty Pearl Jam‘s “Jeremy” was screechy and middle-of-the-road.  And the judges all agree with me.

– Travis Tritt joins us to pimp his new Randy Jackson-produced album.  Gotta love cross-promotion.

Chesapeake, VA‘s own Chris Timberlake goes country with a Keith Urban diddy.  Didn’t do much for me (but I’m not a big country fan).  Chris is good, but it didn’t show in this performance.  Not a great night for the dudes, so far.  Randy and Paula liked it more than I did.  Mom and See-moan called it “nasally.” Not bad, but not his best.  Seems to be a trend tonight…

– Jarrod wipes his face again in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.  He was D-II college basketball player.  Apparently, he was good.  I haven’t been impressed with him thus far.  He commits Cardinal Sin #1 by trying a Stevie Wonder song.  How many times do I have to say hpw dumb a move that is???  In truth, it was my favorite performance of his to date, but still doesn’t make it a smart move.  Solid, but unspectacular.  See-moan calls it unoriginal.

– Hmmmm…a little research shows that Elliot Yamin did that same song last season…and much better!

– Brandon and Phil relax in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

– Turning back the clock, Brandon does a good job on “Celebrate” by Rare Earth.  Funky!  I dig.

– Here’s Rare Earth’s biggest hit, “Get Ready”

– Randy called it solid.  Paula loved it.  See-moan calls him “Travis.”  And panned him.  I thought it was one of the better ones tonight, but that really isn’t saying much…

– Phil commits the SECOND Cardinal Sin Violation of the evening, crossing the gender barrier for LEEANN RIMES!??!!??!  Phil’s worst performance of the competition.  I like him, but that could send him home.  The judges all ridicule the song choice.  Randy name-drops Steve Perry…from…JOURNEY!  I’ve given you enough Journey clips recently…here’s a Steve Perry solo song!

–  Ahhh…Chris Griffin!  Don’t let me down, buddy!  He goes for another obscure song that I can’t find.  But it’s the best of the night, by far.  Chris has the charisma it takes to be entertaining.  He’s probably the most “Real world” of the guys, vocally…and may be quirky enough to catch fire.  Judges all want him to be better.  Chris makes Seacrest hug him.  OK.

Most Valuable Performer: Queen Sanajaya.  JUST KIDDING!!! Chris Griffin, for sure.  Beatbox Blake #2.

Thanks for reading!  Ladies tomorrow!  Spread the word!


2 responses to “American Idol – Week Three, Night One (Guys)

  1. booo i thought the video was gonna be “oh sherrie” 😛

  2. The song Chris Sligh sang on 3.6.07’s show was called “Wanna Be Loved” originally recorded by Christian group DC Talk, I believe it was back in 1999, on their Supernatural album. =)

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