American Idol – Week Two, Nights One AND Two

OK, so I watched the guys last night with my family.  I thought about doing a blog recap, but it was really bad.  Better than they were last week.  But still not good.

Quick Thoughts:

– Chrises Griffin and Timberlake are safe

– “The Phenomenal” AJ Tibaldo is safe.

– Sundance kicked some tail.

– Blake is the most uniquely talented in the competition.  Not the BEST…but the most unique.

Everything else fell flat for me, or was total rubbish.

With that said, let’s switch to their female counterparts!!!

– Seacrest says the guys “threw it down” last night.  How does he sleep??

– Hey, Antonella has her shirt and pants on!  I barely recognized her!

– Crowd shoes See-moan some love.  Sweetness.

– Gina the Witch starts us of this evening with a song dedicated to her boyfriend.  He convinced her to try out after many rejections.  He dyed his hair for her.  She chooses a great song for her, “Alone” by Heart.  That really is her niche.  And it showed.  Great job.

– Hold up.  Randy talks about how awesome her song selection was.  I’m feelin’ it tonight!  For the umpteenth time this season, See-moan’s fashion sense gets called into question.  And Seacrest tries to get Gina the Witch a ring.

– In the Sponsored Cola Lounge, LaKisha admits she’s nervous and doesn’t pay attention to the media.  The other girl doesnt look familiar at all.  Did she perform last week?

– Oh, it’s Alaina the Crybaby!  She performs the Dixie Chicks song that won a bazillion Grammys that I had never heard before the Grammys.  And I worked in the radio industry!  Anywho…the song was waaay too big for her.  Take a listen:

– Holy mother of pearl, I just posted a Dixie Chicks song???  Do I have a fever?

– Back to Alaina, the judges rip her apart and deservedly so.  See-moan makes some comparison to Randy running a race.  Be nice, man….Randy was a part of this band, right Blog Friend Andrea?

– LaKisha dedicates her performance to her hilarious grandmother, who has a crush on Seacrest.  Ohhh…”Midnight Train to Georgia!”  She is just in different league from the rest of the competitors.  Awesome, awesome, awesome.  And, also, it was awesome.  Not as good as last week, but still excellent.  See-moan criticizes her fashion.  Odd.

– Time for Melinda!  Sweet!  She goes WAY old school with “My Funny Valentine,” done originally by Sinatra and Ella.  She is also on a higher plane than the other competitors.  At this point, she is championship material.  Polish, personality, talent…she’s got the total package.  Judges GUSH, as they should!  See-moan: “That…was incredible.”  I think I have a crush on Melinda.

– Joy of joys…Skankilicious is up.  She’s dedicating her song to her brother.  What about the guys (and girls) she was getting VERY close to in those photos?  And since she WAS on the toilet, why not the Charmin’ Bear?

– Good news, it was better than last week.  Bad news, it was still terrible.  She tackled Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me.”  She obviously didn’t listen to my advice.  Randy tells her she’s beautiful, but stunk.  See-moan says she was WORSE than last week.  Whoa.  Antonella has the BALLS to compare herself to Jennifer Hudson.  Click on the link, Antonella.  You see that?  That’s an Oscar.  Until you win one, shut your damn mouth, keep your clothes on, and keep the camera out of the a bathroom if you want to be taken seriously.  Unless, of course, you chose a different career path, where an open mouth, nude body and bathroom cameras are a usual combination.

– Young Jordin also breaks my advice by attempting Christina.  Predictably, the song was way too big for her.  She did better with it than Antonella did with Celine.  Randy and See-moan impressed with her, given her age.  Fair enough.

–  Oh, lordy…Kellie Pickler is on the results show tomorrow.

– Stephanie’s parents pushed her to try out, even though she didn’t want to.  She’s no Beyonce on “Dangerously in Love.”  But not bad.  Paula over-gushes, as usual.  Wait.  So does See-moan.  Interesting.

– Seacrest chills with the remaining contestants in the Sponsored Cola Lounge.

– Dogwalker Leslie is up.  She does a niiiiiiiiiiiiice version of “Feeling Good,” recently done by Michael Buble, Muse and…wait for it…The Pussycat Dolls!  The judges are split.  I liked it.  She ain’t winnin’, though.

– Haley dedicates her performance to her fiancee.  It’s “Queen of the Night” by Whitney Houston.  I think the backup singers outshined her.  But it was hot.

– HOLY CRAP!!!  Randy says his issue with the song is the fact there are more background vocals than lead vocals!  I’m so money.  How money?

– See-moan thinks she’s on the chopping block.

– Apparently, someone named Sabrina is up after the break.  I swear I watched the shows last week…who is she?  OHHH!  Her.

– Let me just say something.  She’s got a big ol’ nose.  Like…honkin.

– And she goes back to Whitney, with “All The Man That I Need.”  She’s good.  Really good.  Not SPECIAL.  But good.  Judges say as much.

– Most Valuable Performer: Melinda jumps to the lead, but LaKisha had another good week.  Props where they are due to Gina the Witch.  Leslie took a big leap up.

– Back tomorrow night with results!!


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