American Idol – Week One – Results!

Sooo…the Comcast DVR let me down tonight, failing to record American Idol AND The Office.  I’m bummed about that.  Curses, new-fangled technology!!!

Results gleaned from various sources:

Skankilicious Antonella was not cut.  Well, kids…just leak photos of you topless and/or urinating and you too can get a second chance on national TV.

Cut List:

Barefoot Paul – no loss…he butchered “Careless Whisper!”

Amy Krebs – don’t remember her at all

Nicole Tranquillo -also, don’t remember her

Rudy Cardenas – he deserved another week


Basically, the guys are bad, the girls are mostly forgettable.  There are 6-8 REALLY good ones and 1 or 2 with GREAT potential.

So ends the first week of the competition in earnest.

To make up for missing the show, here is a special bonus!  Chris Daughtry’s amazing version of “Hemmorrhage” from last season.  It was the performance that truly convinced me he was gonna make it!


2 responses to “American Idol – Week One – Results!

  1. What I like about American Idol is simply Simon’s sweetness.

  2. i couldnt remember what song amy had sung from the night before…. and besides, with a name like amy krebs, youre not gonna be the american idol… sorry, harsh, but it sounds like you have crabs.

    and i was like seriously, WHO IS SHE?? no idea. boring, not memorable… and can we discuss how the girls blow the guys out of the water and it’s not fair that it has to be 6 and 6- an awesome girl is gonna have to go to make room for an ok guy (not to be confused with ok go :-p)

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