Nice full-count curveball from the judge in the Anna Nicole case!

Read the story here.

It was a case of nobody “wins” as the court did what it felt was the wishes of Anna Nicole, not what her lawyer, or boyfriend, or estranged mother SAID she wanted.  Good job.

But what about the estate?  Is that in the hands of Dannielynn’s legal guardian?  And what about a paternity test to see who is her rightful father, thus, her legal guardian?  What if it’s neither Stern nor Birkhead?  Do they track down everyone who claims to have slept with Anna Nicole in the time period?  What about the doctor who supposedly gave her methadone while she was pregnant?  And why was he licking her in a gay bar?  And why were both Stern AND Birkhead watching?  And what about the clown makeup?  Why did the Bahamanian minister lose his job over this?  Won’t her grave be a new Graceland?  And what about the potential effects drugs would have on the baby?  If Dannielynn is damaged from potential and alleged drug use of Anna Nicole, what will happen? 

I want to respect the dead here, but how many men was she sleeping with on a regular basis?  I mean that as a serious question.  No less than 4 people claim to be the father (not to mention me).  That means that within a short window of time, she would have slept with each of them, perhaps multiple times.

I’m not judging…just asking the question.  To each their own.

We’ve heard many people claim to be the father.  But none of them are shooting down the other potential dads.  So they aren’t even bothering to jockey for position.  It’s like….who knows who fathered this kid?  Draw some blood and find out!  It’s paternity, not CSI!

And when there is an issue of paternity, there is only one person to call:


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