Rick Astley, The Ladies Man??

Ok, this is starting to get VERY weird.

This afternoon, I was at Circuit City and I bought a few DVDs, including:

I had never seen it and it was on sale–a match made in heaven!  Stayed in tonight, fighting a sinus thing, so in goes the movie.
Leon Phelps’ radio show producer is played by the same actress who was Hilary on “Fresh Prince.”

In one scene, Leon is in her childhood bedroom and notices a poster on the wall.

Who was the poster of?

Yes, Blog Hero Rick Astley!!

For those of you new to the Blog, you can catch up with the Rick Astley saga herehere, here, here, and here.  To summarize, I made a joke, Blog Friend Andrea found the photoshop image and it snowballed from there, until Astley became the official Blog Hero.

Even since, I can’t frickin’ escape pop culture references to him.

So click on some of the above links and indulge in guilty pleasure cheesy late 80s/early 90s pop.  I love it and you know you do, too.


One response to “Rick Astley, The Ladies Man??

  1. how had you NEVER seen the ladies man movie????????

    “that’s de-butt and also i like tennis”

    btw, i heard “black velvet” on the radio yesterday.

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