Stop. Hammertime.

Blog Friend Andrea: i am TOO legit

Blog Friend Andrea: too legit to quit


In honor of Blog Friend Andrea, who was the inspiration behind Blog Hero Rick Astley, here is the next new old craze–Hammertime!


Let’s start with his biggest hit:


And a live version from the Arsenio Hall Show:


Anyone remember the MC Hammer cartoon, Hammerman?


2L2Q. Nuff Said.


And the great Nationwide commercial:


One night last year, I was flipping through the channels and saw Hammer preaching. I’m Jewish, but I was glued to the set. Probably watched 45 minutes of it. Amazing stuff.


Now I want Hammerpants.


One response to “Stop. Hammertime.

  1. listen suck up, this won’t help you any 😛

    ok ok the wedding’s still on… maybe… i really CAN’T overlook Journey & Astley…

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