Easterns Motors – Where Your Job Is Your Credit!

This is quite possibly the catchiest commerical in recent memory.  From bad lip-syncing (LaVar Arrington) to bad car-dancing (Clinton Portis) to bad-snitching (Carmelo Anthony–don’t worry if you don’t get the joke), it’s got it all.

You will have this stuck in your head for at least seven weeks.  Thank me later.


6 responses to “Easterns Motors – Where Your Job Is Your Credit!

  1. Kind of sad tho.. used vehicles, sold to low income folks, at 25% interest.

    Why would NFL millionaires support such a thing?

  2. You’re an idiot. They provide an opportunity to re-establish credit and purchase a vehicle for those with bad credit. I had a friend that was turned down every where but went to Easterns and got what he wanted. If it weren’t for them, he would be walking!! Also, the banks charge those rates. Not the dealer. The rates are based off of credit. I got 4% when I bought my car there. My friend paid higher because of his credit.

  3. I was at a Eastern Motors today, and Chris Cooley and his wife were there looking at a 2007 cadilac convertible. And Im buying my car from Eastern Motors, and like the person ahead of me said, They offer cars for people like me, who dont even have credit yet.

  4. Stealth_Warfighter

    yea, you guys should really be careful when dealing with this company, i’ve been there for 3 months now, and met a wide variety of people…its not all the funny ads, or catchy jingles. what you dont see is behind the scenes, when the VP of the company sits and watches on his cameras located throughout the store and says quietly, “look at those blacks hahaha, fu@%ing ghetto a$$e$.” “I hate ghetto motherfuc@kers but thats what we focus on, theyre stupid, they buy.” and the supposed 110 point inspection, ha! find a person that does that and write me, i’ll buy you a new car! truth is, my particular job, i’ve actually taken an average vehicle to an inspection station, that individual would not pass the car due to brakes, tires, and control arms. my store was notified of the problem, they sent another employee to take it to another Maryland Inspection station, and that person received a small ammount of cash, and signed off the paper without actually even checking the frigin VIN number or crawling under the damn car to even peek??? im leaving soon, and i hope that nobody else gets caught up in the same, its a shame, and the owner and VP hide behind theyre community donations, and public apperances…OKOKOKOKOK check this, a soldier that just not but 2 weeks ago came home from iraq [a former soldier myself] came in with his wife who is a teacher, and his newborn baby[which he wasnt there for the birth of] and was turned down in every way possible, i sat through some of the process and smoked a ciggarette with the finance and settlement and store manager out back while waiting on credit checks, the other employees actually had the nerve to say that “Fu@k that dude, they get what i need to get rid of, or we send em somewhere else to another store location…and said that it was his fault for leaving to go to iraq with the MD National Guard, when thats what screwed up his credit to begin with…WHAT KIND OF BS IS THAT??? He sealed a deal in Leesburg at the Hyundai Dealer with 25% and ended up paying $33,000.00 for a freaking Hyundai Accent, they generally list for average of $12,000.00 or less The guy and his wife cried for an hour over their situation, and ended up with a passtime devise installed(shuts car down if youre late on a payment) and the salesman said it was a great deal, and asked me if i agreed, and i said hell no…they didnt like that too much.
    One more note, the general public should take into consideration all of these things, it is truly a shame that someone who cares so deeply about the community and soldiers allows this type of Domestic Terrorism, thats what it is folks, targeting the weak, and sorry to say, but is also the life of a used car salesman…But theres no reason for some of this. Its just plain wrong. Why were they rated #1, because the damn owner has enough money to buy whomever…the owner seems like he might have a small tiny little piece of a heart, but his henchmen, and theyre radical scare tactics they try to use on employees is shi!!ty.
    Sorry folks, thought you should know the truth.
    just a behind the scenes look…good luck!

  5. Your job is not your credit. They told me on the phone I was approved, and when I got there they declined me. FLAT out lied and tried to get me to get a co – signor, AFTER saying that they werent even running my credit, they did. LIARS. My car had broke down again and I was in despereate need of a way to get to work. I saw hope when I called them… however after being declined I sat on their lot for almost an hour waiting for my ride to come back. My infant daughter in my lap with tears streaming down my face after coming 2 hours away from home to be turned away. I lost my job today due to no car. Thanks alot Easterns!

  6. let eastern motors
    put you in a car today.
    Let eastern motors
    charge you twice the pay.
    Fords, honda, chevy, beamers and mini vans. Over 600 car, trucks suv’s get ripped by us man. Let eastern motors ruin your life today,
    let eastern motors, make money in every way.

    Eastern motors “were your job cant even pay our ridiculous intrust rates!!!

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