Be Good To Yourself…and Each Other!

Got some breaking news for you!

“NBC Universal is about to confirm the sale of a fall 2007 first-run talk show hosted by Steve Wilkos, the director of security on The Jerry Springer Show, to affiliates within the Sinclair and Tribune Station groups. Initial clearance percentages are expected at approximately 55 percent of the country, reports Marc Berman.”

For someone who was a teenager in the 1990s, this is the single greatest development I could think of.  Is there anyone more deserving of his own show than the man who cracks a smile whenever he has to stop allegedly inbred crossdressing transexual hookers from mauling their sister who also happens to be their father?  Probably not.  (That, dear reader, is called tongue-in-cheek writing.)

Honestly, The Jerry Springer Show was an important, albeit often-times revolting, part of pop culture in the 1990s.  For better or worse, it defined a significant portion of that decade.  When the President gets caught trading sexual favors with an intern and a retired football player’s slow-speed chase from authorities after allegedly murdering his ex-wife and her boyfriend are the NEWS stories, The Jerry Springer Show seems pretty tame, doesn’t it?

I didn’t know that Steve had a last name until I read that blurb.  Good for him.  Glad to see that he can extend his 15 minutes into 15 years.  And who knows who will be the lucky guy to do security on his show!


One response to “Be Good To Yourself…and Each Other!

  1. i LOVE steve… and have you ever caught one of the episodes where he filled in as host for Jerry? BRILLIANT!

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