Action Plan – American Idol

It’s time for a comedy tradition unlike any other!  Each year, I keep a running blog of each episode of American Idol, posted immediately after the East Coast broadcast.

A few guidelines: I find Simon Cowell to be wildly entertaining.  Paula Abdul generally annoys me with her gushing praise of just about anything.  Randy Jackson, I find disappointing.  It seems that he could be a much better critiic of their performances if he wasn’t so concerned about “The Dawg Pound.”

I  have watched the past two seasons.  I pulled hard for Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry.  In fact, Chris Dauightry’s CD is in my car CD player as we speak!

The audition episodes tend to be funny, but overdone.  Give me two cities per one-hour episode and let’s get on with the competition!

I also get incredibly ticked off when contestants keep trying to do Stevie Wonder songs, even after the judges say EVERY SEASON that NOBODY can do Stevie well, so none of them should even attempt it.

Ah well…kicks off tomorrow!


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