This Christmas…

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating!  Happy belated Chanukah!  I don’t know when Kwanzaa is, but happy that, too!  And, of course, a wonderful Festivus to the rest of us.

If you’re like me, and I know many of you are, please do yourself a favor and see ROCKY BALBOA as soon as you can.

Rocky I-IV are four GREAT movies.  Rocky I was the genesis of the modern sports film (underdog proves everyone wrong, gets the girl).  Seriously, it set the stage for so many movies over the past 30 years.  (Note: Rocky V never happened)

Don’t go in expecting something as terrific as Rocky.  But what you’ll find is a really nice send-off for the character.  Plus, you’ll leave the theater shadow boxing and humming Bill Conti’s classic “Gonna Fly Now.”



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